TVA Medical | Market Overview

Growing Patient Population

Today, nearly 2.5 million patients worldwide receive hemodialysis therapy and require a vascular access to connect to the dialysis machine. This population is growing at 8% per year and projected to reach 3.4 million patients by 2020. In the US, over 400,000 patients are currently on hemodialysis and that number is expected to grow to 530,000 by 2020.

USRDS 2009 Annual Report. Fresenius 2011 Annual Report

The Hemodialysis Vascular Access Market is Large & Growing

11. $2.9Bn, USRDS 2010 Annual Report

12. USRDS 2009 Annual Report

13. Fresenius 2011 Annual Report

14. USRDS 2012 Annual Report